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Services We Offer

The North Star Group offers a full range of dispute resolution and facilitation services, including:

Dispute Settlement

Mediation – We mediate two-party and multi-party cases on a wide range of issues.

Arbitration – North Star arbitrators act as impartial decision makers and efficiently resolve contested cases.


Conflict Resolution – We use a variety of proven processes to help clarify goals, improve communication, identify and assess options, and choose positive outcomes.

Conflict Management Systems Design – North Star works with organizations and agencies to provide predictable and appropriate programs for resolving disputes

Organizational Assessment – Our organizational consultants conduct interviews and work with staff to analyze organizational issues and structure, and design changes to improve the organization’s functioning.


Facilitation – Our facilitators design and facilitate meetings and handle logistical and interpersonal issues, freeing meeting organizers and participants to concentrate on the meeting substance.

Public Involvement Process Design and Facilitation – We are adept at creating and facilitating public engagement processes that provide opportunities for dialogue among stakeholders with diverse viewpoints and that are tailored to the unique needs of the convening agency and the participants.


Training – North Star trainers offer high quality, interactive trainings that expand clients’ conflict, communication and negotiation skills.

Coaching – We work with key professionals to strengthen their ability to manage challenging situations

Team Building – We work with groups to help focus their intent and develop their capacity to work together efficiently and effectively.

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